Puvidham translates from Tamil to love for the earth.

Puvidham, a rural primary school has been providing education to the children of Farmers, Migrating Labourers and the under- privileged for the last 18 years in the Nagarkoodal area of Dharmapuri district, Tamil Nadu, India.

Puvidham’s education is based on Mahatma Gandhiji’s Nai Talim Curriculum with the spiritual principle which states that “knowledge and work are not separate”.

Children are exposed to architecture, Organic Farming, Arts, Crafts, Green Product Manufacturing, Peer learning and most importantly empathize with nature, environment.

 The documentary showcases Puvidham where Children do organic farming as an everyday school activity, manages school on their own without much help from the adults. The film captures the essence of how learning happens outside the classroom at Puvidham and the spontaneous expressions of children towards exams and gender roles.


 Puvidham © Copyright Balamurali Krishnan