DR K Sivaraman is an accomplished Surgeon and a Professor of Surgery.  In his early age he was a sportsman and an outdoor person who used to go for hunting regularly. He has done his post graduation in London and worked there for several years. He has authored many books on Surgery and Medicine. For many years he has been treating poor patients free of charge.He got retired as the Dean of Thanjavur Medical College in 1992.

As a doctor, he has witnessed terminally ill patients not being able to consume food except kanchi (rice porridge). he tried many times with the government to provide kanchi for free within the hospital but to of no result. After his retirement he along with his friends opened a charity center in the name of Vallalar (Tamil saint who advocated non caste/religious worship and vegetarianism) adjacent to Thanjavur medical college. Everyday the center provides healthy kanchi(porridge) to at least 100 poor people for free.

He talks about his transformation from being an avid non vegetarian to vegetarian. It was a dream in which Vallalar appeared that changed his life forever.